Valsemøllen is set on the goal to become the customer’s first choice of cereal-based products. Therefore we also supply more than just grain and flour. We offer a wide selection of bread mixes, different types of flour concentrates, seeds, kernels, and flakes including a wide range of organic products. Take a look at our products here.

Brands that fit your customers

Valsemøllen has a strong knowledge of the development of brands. Over the years we have created own brands such as Finax and Møllerens for the retail business and other strong brands within the artisan bakery business.

We can supply products in just the packaging size that your customers want. Whether it is 5 or 10 kg or big bags. Furthermore the products range includes both new and traditional flours, unique flour mixes, concentrates, improvers and a wide variety of kernels and seeds.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.