Valsemøllen offers a wide selection of kernels, seeds, and flakes at competitive prices. 

Some of them can be used as whole grain, others have unique qualities like our Unika rye kernels and EASY kernels, which are both able to absorb water faster than traditional kernels. 

Puffed Kernels make it easier

Valsemøllen’s selection of puffed products meets the growing demand for large and soft kernels which remain visible in the bread. 

It also adds great taste to your bread and gives an outstanding crumb and they are all 100 % whole grain.

With our puffed products we guarantee soft bread with longer freshness and good slice ability.


  • Puffed rye kernels
  • Puffed wheat kernels
  • Puffed durum kernels
  • Puffed barley kernels

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