Good production practice, food security and high product quality are important to meet our customers’ demands for products of high quality at competitive market terms. 

We are FSSC-Certified

Valsemøllen is certified according to the FSSC standard. An internationally recognised and extensive standard for food security, food, and legislation. 

The FSSC-standard has some keen demands to among other the following points:

  • HACCP system (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points)
  • Compliance of customer’s demands and Agreements
  • Product check
  • Purchases, including current evaluation of suppliers.
  • Check of proceedings
  • Preventive maintenance of buildings and production equipment
  • Commitment of staff and management 

Danish food security is world class

With an extensive quality control system among the world's best, Valsemøllen ensures that production units comply with regulatory requirements, FSSC and, of course, customer specifications.

The quality system includes all important activities at our production unit. We focus on the following areas of working procedures and products:

Good food production practice

We constantly endeavour to obtain the world's best production practice at our production units.

Food security and traceability

Our quality and traceability system means that in the event of any mistakes in any link of the supplier and production chain, we can track the products in question. This means traceability from farm to fork. 

High product standard

Good production practice, food security, and high product standard are important to meet our customers’ demands of high quality products at competitive market terms.

As a part of our quality system we use among other things an external accredited laboratory to take various product analyses.