We are total supplier within cereal based concepts and solutions – from the initial product specification to the final implementation. This includes test baking and training of staff. We handle the entire process from implementation to the finished product.

Choose between a wide selection of different flour types, bread mixes and baking concentrates and improvers. Have a look at our products here.

Whole grain is good business

At a time when both health professionals and other influencers urge consumers to eat more whole grain, it’s a challenge for consumers to find this healthier whole grain in an ocean of refined grain foods.

At Valsemøllen, we have already taken up this future whole grain food challenge by developing new milling procedures in order to produce and market high quality whole grain flour products such as listed below.

Flour - Whole Grain:

  • Light coloured Whole Grain flour

  • White Wheat flour

  • Spelt & Sifted Spelt flour

 Mixes 100% - Whole grain:

  • Light coloured Whole Grain 100/0

  • White Wheat Whole Grain 100/0

  • Light Whole Grain 100/0

  • Spelt Wheat 100/0

  • Spelt Rye 100/

 Other Products - Whole grain:

  • EASY White Wheat Grain
  • Squeezed Spelt Grain