Wheat Mixes

With Valsemøllen’s many wheat flour mixes it is easy to bake good wheat bread. You mix and form your own types of wheat bread. All the mixes can be used as basic dough and different flavouring can be added, such as soft soaked kernels or vegetables. 

It does not get easier to bake many different kinds of exciting and long lasting types of bread of high quality. 

Rye Mixes

The rye bread mixes make it easy to bake a wide range of popular Danish rye bread like Soft Grain Bread, Dark Rye Bread, Kernel Rye Bread, and Rice Rye Bread.

Most of Valsemøllen’s rye bread mixes contain whole grain rye flour which combined with a traditional sour dough gives a mild acidified taste every time.

Whether you use Valsemøllen’s wheat and rye mixes, you will experience the same good bread quality every time.

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