Over the years we have amassed vast experience and qualifications in the field of industrial bread production.

Customized solutions every time

We have a long history with development of new innovative products in cooperation with our customers. Our experience shows that the potential succes of new products depend on the product based on clear consumer trends as well as the importance of the product “fitting in” with your overall product and business strategy. Finally it is a great advantage if the product is easy to implement.

At the same time, Valsemøllen’s flexible production potential makes it easy and fast to test new varieties of grain and kernels, specific specialty ingredients, etc., before the ingredients become part of processed products.

We develop our products and solutions based on your customer needs. This is the way we can create additional value for you. At the same time – if so requested by the you– we put our longstanding experience and expertise at the disposal of you at an early stage of product development.

By doing so our dedicated and highly skilled product developers get a better understanding for the you and your business, which optimizes the process from development to implementation.

Consistent high quality every time

We supply the exact product quality agreed with our industrial customers every time.

Through our BRC-certification and quality system we secure again and again a uniform product quality according to the agreed product- and quality standards. 

We take reference samples of the individual lots of grain and we make analyzes during the process and the final inspections to secure a well documented flow all the way through production.

By doing so we are able to find irregularities, if any, very fast, and so avoid problems in the following processing operation of the flour.